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Venuworks Theatricals presents a multi media concert tribute to the life, loves and legacy of President John F. Kennedy, starring international tenor, Michael Londra. Raised in the home county of the Kennedy family in Ireland, the Emmy® Nominated singer has a unique perspective on the many ways that this President influenced our lives.

In 2013, the singer was asked by the Irish government to sing at the graveside of President Kennedy to commemorate the visit he made 50 years prior, just months before his assassination. Michael then hosted a concert in Ireland to celebrate the visit, performing with Judy Collins for the President's daughter Caroline and most of his living relatives. The celebrations, marked nationally in Ireland, showed the depth of the relationship between Ireland and the iconic family.  

With the cooperation of the JFK Trust and the Kennedy Summer School, Michael remembers the Kennedy origins, the journey to America and the rise of a political dynasty. He celebrates the Kennedy legacy, performing newly written songs, the family's favorite Irish songs and classic songs of the Presidency, all with rarely seen footage from the trip to Ireland and celebrations to follow. This is not only an evening of nostalgia, but a walk through the life of an icon through the eyes of someone who as a child, saw the President as the symbol of the American Dream, a dream he himself got to live.


                                              JFK & ME IS REPRESENTED BY COLUMBIA ARTISTS